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Embodied Mental Health Therapy 

Alexandra Gobeille, MA, LMHC

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Calling all Sensitive Hearts...

~who feel everything on a deep level

~who are told to "get a thicker skin"

~who are empathic & take on other people's emotions 

~who feel overwhelmed by the level of injustice, hatred, and cruelty in this world

~who may people-please and be afraid of judgment

~who caretake others and need self-care

~who may feel chronic anxiety in their body

~who might feel shame: not enough, not worthy, bad or wrong

~who may heal others

~who might work in social & environmental justice movements

~who create, are artists, have wild imaginations and vivid dreams

~who are in love, wonder, and awe of LIFE

~and, who feel enraged and devastated by the crisis of Life on this planet

~who value deep inner work and transformation, personal growth & spiritual awakening 

~who dream of a peaceful world

My fellow empaths, intuitives, healers, expressives, psychics, artists, poets, activists, dreamers, dancers, feelers.. super-feelers!

Come take a seat in my little corner of the world. Where it is warm, safe, and quiet. Still, gentle, and slow. Loving, silly, and tender. Where you can cry, rage, heal, rest, and regenerate. Where you can find solid ground beneath you. And, where your heart can be tended to, nourished, and healed, with another Sensitive Heart. 

Your empathy and sensitivity are superpowers and gifts this world desperately needs. My job is to help you with the challenges and support your uncovering of innate Resilience, Worthiness, and Wholeness.  

Photo by Aaron Burden

Meet me, Alexandra!

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I’m a politicized, attachment-based, somatic therapist; a revolutionary socialist, organizer, activist, internationalist, abolitionist, femme, white/European/settler, working class, highly sensitive empath, dancer, kitty mama, sex-positive, Chilean-American, able-bodied, queer, cis, pan, conversational at Spanish… 


Let’s see, you’ll likely find me caring, expressive, affectionate, passionate, warm, dorky, empathic, open, real…   

My core values are: Life, Love, Care, Healing, Justice, Connection, Collective Liberation, Universal Emancipation, Community, Expression, Spirituality, No-Harm, Health.


My approach holds our relationship as most important, where building trust and safety is top priority. Within this very unsafe world, I strive to co-create a safe space for you to experience nourishing connection, autonomy, inner security, and deep self-love. I am actively learning QTBIPOC (queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of color) affirming care, and, actively working on dismantling white supremacy, racialized capitalism, settler colonialism, and global imperialism, within myself, and on as many structural, material levels as possible, local and global. 


I am interested in the connections between internal liberation and collective liberation, the micro and macro. Healing individually and communally. I love working with the present moment as well: supporting you to listen to yourself, your body, heart, mind, memories, longings, values, visions, inner wisdom and guidance system. This is transformative and creative work, oftentimes leading to releasing pain, healing wounds, and discovering sources of strength that fill you with the life force to move forward and thrive. 


I also offer a more skills-based, directive approach for those who want it, having worked extensively with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT.) 

Credentials & Training: 

  • LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) LH61048283

  • MA in Psychology: Counseling Specialization from Saybrook University (formerly Leadership Institute of Seattle, LIOS)

  • BA in Sociology from the University of Washington

  • I’ve been working with individuals, relationships, and groups since 2015, in the areas of mental health treatment including outpatient, intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP) levels of care; wellness and mindfulness coaching, and mindfulness & meditation teaching

  • I've worked with adults and teens in the above settings, and with kids for 10 years

  • Advanced training in Internal Family Systems (IFS, Level 1), Primary Attachment Psychotherapy, Hakomi, and Gestalt

  • Ongoing trainings in Social & Racial Justice informed healing including with Dr. Leticia Nieto

  • Gender-affirming Care trainings with Dr. Matt Goldenberg

  • Over 20 years of personal experience with meditation which informs my mindfulness-based therapeutic work

  • Ongoing political education, activism & organizing work within social movements for racial, housing, tenant, Indigenous, climate and immigrant justice 

What feeds my soul (in no particular order): nature/miraculous LIFE ON EARTH, dancing, deep & meaningful connection, music with beautiful melodies & powerful beats, fluffy snuggly animals shout out to my kitty babies Kini & Petey, massage & bodywork, building people power!!!, the Red Deal by the Red Nation (Indigenous Marxism).